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Welcome to Metapolicy Solutions, a dynamic and forward-thinking start-up that set sail on its transformative journey in 2020. Headquartered in the heart of Toulouse, France, renowned as the European capital of the Aerospace Industry, our roots are firmly embedded in a landscape of innovation and technological excellence.

Founder's Vision: Pioneering Innovation

At the helm of our company stands Dr. Lotfi Kaabi, an exceptional visionary whose multidisciplinary background and unwavering dedication fuel our pioneering spirit. Dr. Kaabi's innovative approach is the driving force behind our mission to unravel intricate challenges with precision and deliver solutions that resonate.

Experience and Expertise

Dr. Lotfi Kaabi's distinguished journey traverses academia, public policy, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. His comprehensive understanding of Science and Technology, combined with his insights into Public Policies, propels our efforts to the forefront of transformative change. Drawing from years as an advisor to the President of the Republic of Tunisia, he navigates the intricate web of policies with finesse.

With a history as a techpreneur and collaborations with the non-profit sector, Dr. Kaabi combines the best of various worlds to steer Metapolicy Solutions towards a more sustainable future. Over the last five years, his intellectual vigor has been dedicated to shaping solutions and tools that bridge government and private sectors, all while championing sustainability.

Our Approach: Tailored Solutions for a Brighter Future

Metapolicy Solutions embodies Dr. Lotfi Kaabi's vision of a company that not only identifies challenges but crafts tailored solutions that stand the test of implementation. Our foundation is built on a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between science, innovation, and policy. Committed to sustainability, we curate solutions that cater to the distinctive needs of both public and private sectors.

Our strength lies in crafting pragmatic solutions that are not just theoretically sound but translate seamlessly into real-world impact. Through an amalgamation of expertise, innovation, and strategic insight, we pave the way for a future where sustainable transformation is not just an aspiration but a reality.

Join Us on This Remarkable Journey

Metapolicy Solutions isn't just a company; it's a dynamic expedition towards transformative change. Guided by Dr. Lotfi Kaabi's visionary leadership, bolstered by our interdisciplinary expertise, and fueled by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we extend an invitation to join us on this exciting path of creating profound impact.

Our team

  • Lotfikb
    Lotfi Kaabi

    Lotfi is passionate about SDG, IT and Policy coherence,

  • Mayada
    Mayada Hassanein
    Development economics

    Mayada is expert in the subject of poverty and related public policies

  • Adesina
    Adesina Fagbenro-Byron

     Expert in Governance advsirory, SDGs & Institutional Reforms 

  • Katia
    Katia Terentyeva

    Katia is a process engineer and expert in Data Analysis

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