The Process - it is based on 2 integrated cycles - the framing or evaluation project cycle and the policy assessment cycle

The Platform is made of six apps


Toolbox for framing and managing the evaluation project, with over 30 admin & assessment support tools 


The Assessment Hub App comprises over 40 assessment tools that can be used individually or combined to produce the sectoral Policy Sustainability Index.


This is the SDG custodian gateway to the System and helps converting the assessment findings into policies that can be tracked


This App is used to document and track the policy cycle. 


This Index & Dashboard App brings together the results & findings from various SDG Custodians (via SDGx Apps) for benchmarking policy efforts across the government, constructing the overall PSI and summarising the findings in easy to read dashboards.  


This App focuses on the localisation of SDGs and comes fully loaded with local governance tools

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