Root Policy Causes that impede the progress towards SDGs

The lack of progress in achieving the SDGs is due to a multitude of factors, with policymaking playing a major role in this failure. Addressing the following issues can have a very positive impact on the government's efforts towards the SDGs

  • Emphasis

    Too much focus on SDG data gaps, but little attention was paid to the lack of systematic assessment of policies

  • Framework

    Agenda 2030 is not often used by governments as policy framework which may lead to conflicting and incoherent policies

  • Standards

    Lack of standard approach to implement SDGs across government. SDGs Custodians don't use the same tools 

  • Accountability

    The absence of follow-up on VNR recommendations due to unclarity in attributing roles & responsibilities in SDG related policy making 

  • System thinking

    Lack of Whole of Government approach in policymaking with ministries devise public policies in a silos without involving relevant stakeholders

  • Coherence

    Institutional, horizontal & vertical policy coherences unchecked leading to inefficient policymaking

  • Stakeholders

    Poor involvement of stakeholders in the whole policymaking cycle as well as poor coordination and follow up of the engagement process 

  • Multi-level Governance

    The localisation of SDGs is not systematically performed by local authorties leading to the failure of operationalising "leave no one behind" principle

  • Tools & Systems

    Civil servants in charge of policy analysis don't have the adeaquate tools to systematically assess public policies across all level of governance to inform policymakers

SDG Multi-Level Governance Challenges

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