Leading SDG implementation

MetaGovernance Platform enables the acceleration of SDG implementation through the improvement of policy integration & coherence across the government. 

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    Building strong, inclusive political commitment and leadership

    Strong political commitment and leadership are preconditions for fostering ‘whole-of-government’ action and policy coherence. Explicit, public political commitment to sustainable development expressed at the highest levels and backed by strategies, action plans, policies, legislation, instructions and incentives is essential to enable all branches and levels of government to pursue the SDGs in a coherent manner.

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    Defining, implementing and communicating a strategic long-term vision

    Long-term vision and planning horizons are essential for supporting present and future needs in a balanced manner. They are also fundamental for ensuring that efforts on SDG implementation go beyond electoral cycles, government programmes or cabinet compositions. 

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    Improving policy integration

     Countries have committed to "achieving sustainable development in its three dimensions – economic, social and environmental – in a balanced and integrated manner". Policy integration is central to balancing often divergent economic, social and environmental priorities, and to maximizing synergies and minimizing trade-offs at all stages of the policy-making process. This is important for avoiding the risk that progress on one goal occurs at the expense of another 

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